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Staff won’t call in sick if they feel pressured by bosses, survey suggests

19 August 2015

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Nearly half (40%) of employees have not called in sick within the last 12 months, signaling part of a wider trend called ‘sickness presenteeism,’ a survey suggests.

The survey of UK workers, commissioned by IQTimecard, is in line with previous research from Nottingham Trent University that suggest the determination to come into work when feeling unwell is a trend, and is having a negative impact on job satisfaction and work engagement within the workforce.

Moreover, the report revealed that 28% of workers feel pressured by bosses to turn up even when they were ill.

David Lynes, director of IQTimecard said: “Presenteeism is an alarming trend and it’s a dire reflection on British bosses that employees feel they have to work when they’re not feeling up to it.”

Lynes recommends that all staff use timecards so that employers can recognise how many hours staff are working, and can step in if the hours reach unhealthily high hours, and limit staff sickness or burnout.