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South East GPs encouraged to join drinking debate

21 December 2009

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GP practices have been urged to support adult patients with alcohol issues by signing up to the south east of England’s Big Drink Debate.

The Debate includes a manifesto, drawn from public debates and research, to address such problems as binge drinking and drinking above the recommended limit.

It is aimed at encouraging adult drinkers of all ages to increase their awareness of the health risks, and is led by NHS South Central, NHS South East Coast and the Government office for the South East.

Dr Yvonne Doyle, regional public health director for NHS South East Coast, said: “During the festive season, the effects of alcohol are at the forefront of many GPs’ minds.

“This is an important opportunity for GPs to contribute to the development of alcohol priorities for the south east.”

Dr Alison Milroy, clinical governance GP lead for NHS West Kent, said: “Measures such as enabling adults of all ages to be more aware of alcohol-related health issues and helping employers develop appropriate and supportive policies are all important ways to address the problems associated with excessive drinking.

“I will be signing the manifesto, and encourage GP colleagues across the South East to join me.”

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