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Social media recruitment guidance launched

25 July 2013

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New guidelines for using social media as a recruitment tool have been launched by NHS Employers. 

The organisation’s new briefing document explores how the use of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn could support the recruitment process. 

The suggestions range from broadcasting job adverts on the platforms, to strategically targeting individuals. 

An NHS Employers statement said: “The increase in the use of social media sites raises the question of whether platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can help attract a higher percentage of applicants to vacancies in the NHS.” 

The guidance, which is part of an NHS Employers drive towards more “permissive use” of social media follows reports that 38 doctors have been reported to the General Medical Council (GMC) for inappropriate use of social media. 

This year, three doctors have had fitness to practice hearings, and all three were suspended. 

NHS Employers new briefing document is available here

The GMC has issued further guidance, which can also be found online