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Small firms call for marketing training

14 June 2011

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Nearly half of all small business owners think their companies would grow as a result of sales and marketing training, a new survey has revealed.

Some 46% of the 1,700 employers questioned in the Voice of Small Business survey by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) believe that their company would grow if they were given sales, marketing and PR training, while 34% said it would help their business grow if their staff received the same training.

Around 32% said customer services was the most important area of their business in terms of growth while one in five (20%) said improved communication skills would help their company to grow.

A new report – Raising the standards: an FSB skills survey – argues that small firms should be given better access to such training opportunities at a time when small businesses are being relied on to help lead the country’s economic recovery in the wake of public sector cuts.

John Walker, National Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses, said: “The government’s reliance on the private sector to create jobs to pick up the shortfall in employment from the public sector is well-placed: small businesses will play a crucial role in the country’s growth. But for small firms to grow, they need to train staff in the skills that will impact on their bottom line. The government has to step up and support small firms in leading the economy back into steady growth.”

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