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Sharp rise in GP trainees

27 August 2013

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The number of GP trainers in the UK has risen by over 20% in nine months, it has been revealed. 

More than a thousand GP trainers were approved, according to official General Medical Council (GMC) figures. 

There were 5,847 approved GP trainers in March 2013, 1,044 more than the 4,803 approved in June 2012. 

Health Education England (HEE) has a target of recruiting 3,250 GP trainees each year, however, only 95 extra trainees have been recruited this year, raising the total annual intake to 2,764.

A spokesperson for Health Education England said they could not verify figures from another organisation, but welcomed an increase in the numbers of GP trainers.

The spokesman added: “It would certainly be encouraging to see an increase in the overall number of GP trainers so that we are able to provide the best possible education and training as we increase the number of GP trainees.”