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Senior therapist struck off after “repeated failings”

6 July 2009

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A senior occupational therapist who demonstrated “repeated and widespread failings” while working for Dorset Primary Care Trust has been struck off the Health Professions Council (HPC) register by a conduct and competence committee.

The panel began proceedings after receiving complaints that Heather Bonser had failed to carry out basic management tasks such as recording patient assessment information and failing to set appropriate goals for patients.

During the disciplinary hearing – at which Ms Bonser was absent – the panel found that despite several performance reviews and feedback sessions, Ms Bonser had shown a “lack of clinical judgment” that made her unsuitable for such a senior position.

Panel chair Sandy Yule said: “Ms Bonser’s failings were repeated and widespread, she failed to show the level of competence to be expected of a basic grade occupational therapist.

“The public would lack confidence in a professional who had fallen short of the required standards over such a long period, to such a serious extent, and in so many different ways.”

The panel heard that Ms Bonser was subject to numerous feedback meetings concerning her performance, following which her employment was terminated.

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