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Second doctor is suspended over the death of Baby P

20 February 2009

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A second doctor has been suspended by the General Medical Council in connection with the death of Baby P, who died after a catalogue of abuse by his mother and her boyfriend.

Dr Jerome Ikwueke reportedly saw the child 14 times and twice referred him to hospital in the months before his death.

He qualified as a doctor at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria, and has been registered with the GMC since 1984.

His suspension follows that of paediatrician Dr Sabah Al-Zayyat, who failed to spot that Baby P had serious injuries two days before he died.

On the second occasion that Dr Ikwueke referred Baby P to hospital, the child had suffered bruises, two black eyes and swelling on his head, prosecution papers show.

The little boy’s mother had claimed the wounds were caused after another child pushed him on to a marble fireplace.

The Metropolitan Police’s child abuse investigation team carried out an investigation into Baby P’s injuries, but nobody was charged until it was too late.

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“I have a problem with the way this story has been reported about Dr Ikwueke. He has been suspended, but nowhere does it say he has been suspended in connection with Baby P. A complaint has been filed against him, but for all we know it could be for an unrelated reason. ‘The GMC said he was suspended for 18 months on Tuesday to allow an investigation to take place into his professional conduct, but it could not say why his registration had been revoked’ (from Reuters). The GMC cannot comment on WHY this doctor has been suspended. It is too early to draw conclusions about this story – we can only speculate!” – Carmen, Finland