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Scottish GPC agree separate GP contract

6 December 2012

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The British Medical Association (BMA) Scotland has agreed to ink a separate GP contract deal with the Scottish government, it has been announced.

The changes to the GMS GP contract in Scotland for 2013-14 are said to have been made “within the framework of the UK GP contract”.

Dr Alan McDevitt, chair of the BMA’s Scottish GP Committee, said the negotiations between the organisation and the Scottish government have been “very different” to those taken by the UK government and provides “much needed stability” to general practice funding.

While full details of the changes are yet to be announced, it is believed the 2013-14 Scottish GP contract will:

• Deliver clinical benefits to patients.
• Focus primary care resources on the most vulnerable patients in the community.
• Provide greater stability of funding for GP practices.
• Address some GP practice workload concerns.
• Support and value the work of the wider primary healthcare team based around the GP practice.

“I am pleased that the Scottish Government has taken the step of negotiating a deal for changes to the GMS contract for 2013/14,” said McDevitt.

“This approach is very different to that being taken by the UK Government where there is a threat to impose changes that have not been negotiated or agreed with the profession.
“The Scottish agreement has been negotiated within the framework of the UK GP contract framework.  It reflects our need to manage workload in general practice and a shared desire to introduce changes that focus on the needs of our patients. The agreement provides much needed stability for general practice funding.
“I look forward to continuing discussions with the Scottish Government on the implementation of this arrangement.”