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‘Scorecard’ to be introduced assessing all GPs quality of care

19 June 2015

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Indicators of GPs’ quality of care will be assessed, with the results forming a ‘scorecard’ on GP surgeries, which the government may publish online.

First, there will be a review to assess if there are ‘sufficiently developed’ indicators to compare GP practices, to help patients and carers gauge their quality of care and help practices improve quality. This will be completed by September.

Then, the government may use this review to develop a ‘scorecard’ of indicators for each GP practice, to be published on the MyNHS website.

Dr Jennifer Dixon, chief executive at the Health Foundation, who is leading this project, said: “Improving quality of care for patients unites all people working in health care. Good data on quality is the cornerstone to making improvements.

“We look forward to carrying out this stock-take with others, and assessing how indicators on the quality of primary care might be made better to support those in the NHS make the changes they can see are needed.”

She will work alongside the CQC and NHS England to do this.

The review will also consider if there are credible indicators for specific population groups and the services available for them. These groups are: people over 70, people with long-term conditions, people with mental health conditions, mothers and children and people who are generally well.

This was referenced by Jeremy Hunt, secretary of state for health, in his speech in south London today.