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Scheme launched to free up practice time

7 December 2011

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The time and costs associated with DNAs and medical reporting could be reduced through a new ‘supportive’ programme designed to increase efficiency and productivity in general practice.

The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement has unveiled the Productive General Practice (PGP) scheme, intended to streamline practice processes to allow clinicans to spend more time with patients.

Through equipping practice teams with ‘lean principles’, it is hoped the PGP programme will enable practice managers and clinicians alike to “release time and do more with less”.

“The current combination of constrained finances and structural change in the NHS offer an opportunity to cut waste and streamline services,” said Dr Jagdeesh Dhaliwal, GP Clinical Lead, Productive General Practice. 

“Patients often applaud the care and compassion of staff whilst lamenting the inefficiency of systems. NHS professionals often express their frustration at the waste of systems that hinder the delivery of care.”

One practice testing the scheme found a ‘standardised process’ of medical reporting reduced the time spent completing reports by seven days.

Another pilot practice found the PGP programme shone a light on the true costs of DNAs, allowing it to prioritise action on reducing numbers.

The programme has been co-designed and tested by GPs, receptionists, practice managers, nurses and patients.