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Report finds 90% of patients happy with GP services

4 August 2008

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More than nine out of 10 patients feel they are treated with dignity and respect during appointments at GP surgeries, a survey has shown.

A major survey of primary care services, published by the Healthcare Commission, also showed that more patients said they were “completely satisfied” with care in GP practices and health centres compared with three years ago.

Between January and April this year, more than 69,000 people in England were asked about their experiences of GP healthcare and access to dentists.

The survey, co-ordinated for the Commission by the Picker Institute Europe, found that 93% said they were treated with respect and dignity “all of the time”, an increase from 92% in 2005.

The results also showed 83% said their GP “definitely” listened to them carefully, while 74% said that the main reason they went to see their GP was dealt with “completely” to their satisfaction – a slight improvement from 2005 when this was 73%.

Alongside the results, the Commission will release on its website a national overview with comparative scores for all 152 primary care trusts in England.

The independent healthcare watchdog says the results will help trusts to understand the views of their patients and respond to any concerns.

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“The figures prove what we already know. It would be good if  they could be trumpeted over the media, though I doubt this government will allow that; it doesn’t suit their agenda” – Denise Kendall, Essex

“These figures are very positive, especially when general practice is feeling like it is the target of a government hate campaign. There are some patients who will never be happy no matter what you do for them so 100% achievement is unrealistic. If GPs were able to provide healthcare without the targets attached, these figures would probably improve” – Susan Harrigan, Gateshead

“Somebody should show these figures to Ben Bradshaw though he would probably find some reason to disbelieve them or else he would refer to the ‘significant minority’ who are dissatisfied” – Allan Stewart, Wirral