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Report calls for nursing pledge to gain public confidence

3 March 2010

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A report has called for a pledge to boost the public’s trust in nursing in the wake of recent reports about poor practice.

The pledge would see nurses and midwives renew their promise to patients and society to deliver high-quality care, according to the Future of Nursing and Midwifery in England report.

The report revealed that many people working in the profession were looking for a new beginning.

This was reinforced by the report’s mention of a nurse from Trafford Hospital who said it was time to “remind nurses of the pledge they made when they qualified and received their badges”.

The report stated that nurses and midwives must be given the necessary support by regulators, employers and education providers in order for them to fulfill the pledge.

The vow would sit alongside the Nursing and Midwifery Council Code and the NHS Constitution as well as other professional codes and regulatory standards.

It was also urged that the stories of the profession be told in bold new advertising campaigns in a bid to attract the best candidates to nursing.

The report adds: “We therefore propose that all nurses and midwives renew their promise to society and service users in a public pledge to deliver high-quality care.”

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