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Rent reimbursement increases by up to 163% in Northern Ireland

28 July 2015

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Notional rent reimbursement has increased by up to 163% for general practice in Northern Ireland, research revealed. 

On average the increase was 56%, amounting to an annual increase of £6,830 or £20,490 over the three-year period.

Notional rent is the reimbursed rent provided by primary care organisations to practices where the GPs own the premises, and is based on the current market rent of the premises so requires reassessment every three years by a district valuer.

One practice, Summer Hill Surgery in Warrenpoint, received an increase of 27% above the figure calculated by the district valuer, amounting to a total increase of £30,600 over the three-year notional rent period.

Paul Conlan, managing surveyor at GP Surveyors, who carried out the research, said: “Surgeries in Northern Ireland are in desperate need of a funding increase. Therefore, checking your rent reimbursement may be a very good place to start – given our recent figures.”