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RCGP Revalidation ePortfolio pilot underway

14 January 2010

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A secure ePortfolio for GPs to use for revalidation is being piloted by the RCGP.

The Revalidation ePortfolio, based on the areas of revalidation set out in the RCGP Guide to Revalidation for General Practitioners, is designed to encourage reflection and is centred on a learning activity log with a data entry system.

The system categorises information in the learning log in a way that allows users to view a pictorial representation of their progress towards revalidation before annual appraisals and also before the five-yearly revalidation submission.

The Revalidation ePortfolio links to the College’s new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit scheme, which has recently been simplified and is not purely based on time spent, but also reflects the impact of learning. The ePortfolio contains a guide to the system and provides a means to record and claim the credits earned.

The system will be free to College members and will link with the trainee ePortfolio; members’ personal data held by the College will be automatically entered into the Revalidation ePortfolio. The RCGP aims to make the tool available this year.

RCGP Chairman Professor Steve Field said: ”This will be the definitive tool for GPs to use to support them in meeting the requirements of revalidation. It is being designed specifically for GPs and their many and varied roles – frontline GPs are trialling the Revalidation ePortfolio so that we can be sure it meets the needs of all GPs, regardless of their individual working circumstances.”