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RCGP issues statement on flu jabs for people not in key risk groups

11 January 2011

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There is no problem with people wanting to protect their own health by choosing to buy the ‘flu jab over the counter says the Royal College of General Practitioners.
“But it is important that supplies of the vaccine are targeted where they are most needed – at the high risk and vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, those with asthma and other diseases,” said a spokesman.
The RCGP said it was not
calling for a law banning people from taking decisions about their own health and paying for the vaccine, or criticising pharmacists for the way they run services.
“It is not the job of GPs to legislate, but to care for patients,” he said.
However it did stress that future planning for next year’s supply should factor in those in non high risk groups coming forward for the jab.
The statement follows comments from RCGP chair Dr Gerada  concerning a shortage of supply being caused by “People who are not in the at-risk groups are getting (private) vaccinations”.