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RCGP chair takes on NHS England role

10 September 2013

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Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) chair Dr Clare Gerada will be working with NHS England on ‘transforming’ primary care in London when she steps down from her current role next month. 

Dr Gerada has been appointed clinical chair for primary care transformation by NHS England’s London branch. 

The role will be alongside London’s mayor Boris Johnson.

According to an NHS England spokesperson, the body of work will be revealed over the next month. 

The  NHS England statement said: “We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Clare Gerada to the role of clinical chair for primary care transformation in London.

“NHS England has published a document entitled Improving General practice – a call to action which sets the case for improving primary care services nationwide. As part of this national call to action, the London region is also mobilising a programme of work for the transformation of GP services in the capital.” 

The programme of work will be clinically led, with Dr Gerada acting as clinical chair. 

The statement went on to say that London has “unique challenges” due to the diverse population. 

The NHS England spokesperson said Dr Gerada’s appointment is “great news for London”.