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“Radical” motion for payment by activity contracts approved by LMCs

22 May 2015

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GPs’ contracts should be replaced by a payment by activity contract where doctors pay is dependent on their workload, LMCs voted today at the LMC conference in west London.

A small majority (53%) voted that the contracts should be changed, despite the chair of the GMC Chaand Nagpaul stating beforehand that he was against this.

“We have seen real problems with payments by results in hospitals,” he said.

Dr Jim Kelly from Kent, who was proposing the motion, admitted it was a “radical motion” but said “radical problems need radical solutions. The government wants us to do more. They want to move more work our way, and the way to incentivise us is by paying for activity.”

Earlier today it was also voted that guaranteed average net renumeration is needed to stop practices becoming unviable and that they need financial stability.