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QOF system ‘must change’

20 June 2013

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The QOF points allocation for obesity, which encourages GPs to count obese patients, but not to encourage them to lose weight must be ‘updated’ GP leaders said. 

The clinical director of the National Obesity Forum (NOF), Dr Matt Capehorn said GPs rely on QOF to determine their clinical priorities. 

Speaking at a National Obesity Forum event last night, Dr Capehorn said: “Obesity is the biggest threat to public health we currently face. 

He added: “A greater proportion of QOF points should be targeted at obesity. ” 

The Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) is a voluntary scheme which rewards GP practices for how well they care for patients. 

Dr Capehorn complained that last week the Care Quality Commission announced it is going to measure GPs compassion, calling it a “truly moronic idea”. 

He believes the money would be better spent investing in proven weight loss strategies. 

Under-Secretary of State for Health Anna Soubry (pictured) said: “We are looking into how we can assist GPs and incentives GPs so that they can continue to do even more great work fighting obesity.” 

Professor David Haslam, chair of both the National Institute of Care and Health Excellence and the National Obesity Forum called on the government to help fight obesity.  

He said: “If we invest now, we can save much more in the long term, and help save the NHS from bankruptcy”.