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Public sector workers may move for pay

8 August 2011

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A survey by a jobs website has found most public sector workers would consider moving to a private firm if it would improve their pay prospects.

The survey of 1,200 adults by discovered that virtually all public sector employees questioned said they would change their career, suggesting they are increasingly frustrated by poor pay and conditions.

The study also found that half of those in public sector organisations would look to private companies for better job security.

John Salt, Director of, said: “It is clear that public sector jobseeker confidence is at an all-time low, with a large section believing they are better off in the private sector.

“However, the sectors are difficult to compare in terms of pay, particularly in the current climate. With large numbers looking to migrate to the private sector, we must remember that jobs are out there.

“Our site currently houses 1,082 postings for public sector jobs showing that it is still possible to progress well and experience the benefits traditionally associated with this sector.”

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“I cannot believe this research, morale may be low in the public sector but who on earth would move to the private sector when you literally have to earn your keep or you are up the road. There are very few if any non-jobs in the private sector you HAVE to be productive that’s one of the reasons they can offer job security. As for pensions and pension security, we may be having to pay more for public sector pensions but you cannot even begin to compare like for like. If you worked in the private sector you would probably never pay enough in your lifetime to get the benefit return in public sector. Cannot see anyone rushing, can you?” – Marie, Lancs