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Public sector employment falls

12 September 2013

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The number of people in employment has risen by 80,000 in the last three months, figures from the Office of National Statistics show. 

However, more than 34,000 people lost or left their jobs in the public sector over the same period. 

The boost came from further increases in private sector employment, which rose by 114,000. 

Minister for Employment Mark Hoban said: “This is a really encouraging set of figures, with the number of people in work rocketing by 80,000 in only three months – a rise driven entirely by a growth in full time jobs.

“The private sector has created jobs for 1.4m more people under this government, and there are now more people employed in the private sector than ever before. These are all positive signs that suggest the UK economy is turning the corner.” 

The figures also showed that youth unemployment is 57,000 lower than this time last year.