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PropCo changes to raise service costs

6 May 2014

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Practices could face increased service costs under new plans revealed by NHS Property Services. 

The organisation – formerly known as PropCo – will attempt to recover all costs from tenants, rather than clinical commissioning groups (CCGs). 

NHS Property Services, which runs properties previously owned by primary care trusts, said that some commissioners will continue to subsidise GPs bills, however. 

The NHS Property Services document reads: “[We] will continue to work with those tenants traditionally subsidised by commissioners to ensure that in future all costs are recovered from tenants. 

“Where commissioner subsidies remain, NHS Property Services will identify these on a property by property basis and ensure that the appropriate commissioner is identified who should pay these costs. In other words, CCGs will be billed based on actual costs, rather than NHS England’s historic allocations process.” 

A spokesperson for NHS Property Services told Pulse: ‘For 2014/15 we will provide commissioners with figures based on individual buildings. This will help the NHS as a whole better understand the costs it is bearing and support shared working towards achievement of savings and service improvement. 

“We also expect to reduce reliance on shortfall fundings as more of our tenants move onto standard lease and occupancy documentation this year and next – one of the many benefits of the NHS using one specialist property company instead of 161 PCTs and strategic health authorities all operating differently – as happened before.”