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Private company invests in two new London surgeries

16 January 2008

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A private healthcare company has expanded its growing network of GP practices by purchasing two new surgeries in West London.

The Practice plc, a healthcare company providing community-based primary care, has invested in two new surgeries in Wiltshire and Hayes.

The Practice plc claims that by focusing on the business side of general practice, the company allows GPs to concentrate on practising medicine rather than management.

In a press statement, the company said: “By providing a range of flexible solutions, GPs can plan for, and ultimately take, their retirement or other lifestyle-related decisions, while securing the future care of their practice and patients.”

A GP at the Hayes surgery, who has worked there since 1985, said: “The Practice has structured a plan customised to me and my team.

“They have immediately invested in the surgery and its staff – I can now focus on my clinical activities and also have the confidence to scale down whilst still seeing the surgery thrive.”

Husband and wife team Drs William and Celia Grummitt, now of The Practice Cross Plain, Salisbury, commented on joining forces with The Practice:

“With long-term financial security in place, we will continue to drive the business forward. We have retained our autonomy but now have access to additional resources and expertise to develop our surgeries and staff, which will of course benefit our patients and the wider community.”

The new surgery in Hayes is The Practice’s first in London and as such is an important addition to the growing network.

“We are delighted to have these new surgeries join The Practice,” said Dr Ajit Kadirgamar, The Practice’s Director of Surgeries. “In both cases I’m confident it will lead to an enhanced service for patients and provide opportunities for local expansion”.

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