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Previous government left legacy of waste – coalition

11 August 2010

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The Tory-Lib Dem coalition has claimed that the previous Labour government left it a “legacy of waste”.

Baroness Warsi (pictured), who chairs the Conservative Party, and Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne, a Lib Dem MP, have arranged a press conference at which they will tell the media that “while one party created this mess, two parties are coming together to solve it”.

David Cameron had said he would reduce “government waste” when he became prime minister and had previously criticised what he perceived to be “crazy” spending decisions made during Labour’s last year in charge.

The cuts being rammed through by the Tory-Lib Dem government may also target departmental spending on consultants and advertising, bonuses for civil servants and travel expenses.

But a spokesman for the Labour Party said: “The last Labour government had made many efficiency savings and had a realistic plan to half the deficit within four years. This is nothing more than August posturing by Tory and Lib Dem ministers who should have better things to do.”

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“In part, yes, but let’s be honest this is part of a worldwide crisis. Though I agree that endless consultants and surveys are a waste of money, let’s ditch the quarterly patient survey do it yearly and have a few questions not loaded against GPs. As one who travels standard class on trains/planes etc as far as I have observed the standard class gets to its destination just as quick as first class and I am very cynical about the amount of work that allegedly gets done. I put ear phones in and get on with it wherever I am!” – Name and address withheld