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Premises: Fire safety guidance launched

14 August 2013

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Guidance on fire safety strategy has been released by the Fire Industry Association (FIA). 

Available on the FIA website, the guide aims to help managers and other responsible personals understand what is required of them, giving examples of what signs should be used and where. 

According to the guide, fire safety signs should be reviewed periodically to ensure they continue to support the fire strategy for the premises. 

The guidance is divided into two parts:

 – Fire Exit and Escape Route Signs

 – Other Fire Safety Signs and Notices

The Fire Exit and Escape Route Signs section explains what duty holder should look out for. For example all evacuation signs should be conspicuous and legible within the environment. 

The guide also explains why the size of graphical symbols is so important. 

Examples of escape route signs which are standardised to ensure that exit is intuitive and efficient are also included.

An FIA statement said the guidance has been released “in an effort to make fire safety and notices more easily understood to both the fire trade and members of the public”.