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Practices miss flu jab target

19 June 2013

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Dara released by Public Health England shows only 100 GP practices reached the 75% coverage target for all risk groups last year’s flu season.

The figures have raised doubts over GPs chances of reaching the goal this year, when they will also be expected to vaccinate all two- and three- year olds against flu. 

The 2012/13 influenza vaccination uptake report from Public Health England (PHE) said despite “continued efforts” people “are still not getting immunised”. 

Last year, just over 50% of people agreed six months to under 65 years in a clinical risk group had been vaccinated against flu. 

The document states: “The performance of some GP practices and PCTs has demonstrated that it is possible to achieve uptake significantly higher than the national average.

“GPs and practice staff managing the flu programme should make sure that all at risk children have the opportunity to receive the flu vaccine and order adequate supplies of the appropriate vaccine.” 

The full report is available to view online.