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Practice managers’ votes to stay or leave the EU are close, reveals survey

23 June 2016

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A recent survey of practice managers has revealed there is a difference of 7.3% between them voting to remain or leave the EU.

The open poll, carried out by Practice Index Forum, has so far had a response from 450 practice managers.

In the lead, is the leave option with 49.7% (225) of the vote. Just behind this is 42.4% (192) of the vote to remain in the EU. However, 7.9% (36) of practice managers are still undecided.

Val Hempsey, practice manager of Bridges Medical Practice, said she will be voting to leave the EU. She said: “My head says remain, my heart says leave. But my reasons are all about the justice system, which I believe cannot be dictated by Europe and a fear of a possible European army – they are fighting each other (Russia/Ukraine) so how would that work. I know they say it would never happen but I don’t trust them.

“With regards to the NHS – that is one of the reasons to remain – we would be devastated without EU or other foreign nationals – general practice included (without the Polish/German and Italian GPs). Also, consider London, most of general practice is staffed by foreign nationals who bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, language etc, but I have still voted to leave because of what I have already said.

“I am divided in my opinion and had to make my decision on what was the most important to me, which I have stated, and because I could get no sense whatsoever from the politicians who have just used the whole thing to beat each other up verbally.”

Voting to remain in the EU, Fiona Dalziel, co-lead for the Royal College of General Practitioner’s (RCGP) General Practice Foundation for Practice Managers, said: “I strongly believe that, to be effective and get good outcomes, equally at a practice level and internationally, being at the table is better than sitting outside.”

Steve Williams, co-chair of the Practice Management Network, said: “The referendum today is reflective of how practice management operates. Not all will agree always with the same views, but whatever the outcome, we will all have to deal with the consequences.”

The EU referendum is taking place today. Polling stations close this evening at 10pm.

The Practice Index Forum survey is an open poll and is on going. Figures are correct at the time of going to press.