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Practice managers’ views on GP premises sought

2 July 2009

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Practice managers are asked to share their views on their surgery premises in the latest Management in Practice survey, launched today (2 July 2009).

The questionnaire has been designed to see what practice managers across the UK think about their current surgery building and whether they have plans to upgrade their premises – and if so, whether this has presented any difficulties – as well as seeking their views on surgery developments such as polyclinics and supermarket surgeries.

In a general Management in Practice poll conducted two years ago, 39% of managers said their premises were not fit for purpose. One of the intentions of the latest poll is to see whether opinion has changed following the government’s desire to see more health services being delivered in communities.

Stuart Gidden, Management in Practice Editor, said: “Our 2007 survey found a very high level of dissatisfaction with among practice managers relating to their surgery premises.

“Since then, with new factors such as the recession, the introduction of polyclinics and the increasing uptake of practice-based commissioning – meaning many practices will require more space for new patient services – the issue of surgery premises has become arguably more significant.

“This new survey focuses exclusively on practice premises, and it will therefore be interesting to gauge practice managers’ opinions on all of these issues, and to compare results with our previous finding.”

The survey, which is sponsored by One Medical, can be accessed simply by clicking on the below link and following the onscreen instructions. It is designed to take around 5-10 minutes to complete.

The survey will close on Wednesday 29 July. In the meantime, all UK practice managers are invited to access the survey and submit their views, so that the results reflect as wide a cross-section of the profession as possible.

Results of the survey will be reported in the Autumn 2009 issue of Management in Practice magazine, which will be distributed to subscribing readers in late August.

Click here to access the survey