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Billions to be spent on healthcare training

18 December 2014

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Plans to train nearly 2500 health professionals including have been released by NHS England.

The £5bn spend on training programmes is outlined in the Work Force Plan for England published yesterday

As part of the plan, Health Education England is to commission 370 more postgraduate medical training posts, 800 additional nurse training posts, 500 additional allied healthcare professional trainee posts, and more than 800 new trainee roles in areas such as pharmacy and healthcare science.

Professor Ian Cumming, Chief Executive, Health Education England said:

“In order to transform the health service we need more investment in our existing workforce.

“We have protected our budget for workforce transformation and have increased post-registration specialist nurse commissions by nearly 1,400, advanced clinical practice commissions by more than 1,500, and grown apprenticeships by more than 600.”

The report states: “We have also decided again to continue growing the nurse workforce available to the NHS.

“Last year we increased commissions by 9% and this year we add another 555 training posts. On top of this our Return to Practice campaign brought nearly 800 nurses back into the system.”

The plan also details areas of expansion within the NHS for 2015/2016 and takes into account priority areas such as nursing, primary care and emergency medicine.

It also explains how decisions were reached and provides in-depth analysis for priorities.