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Practice-based commissioning – latest DH figures

27 April 2007

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The Department of Health (DH) has published its latest data (from 31 March 2007), which it collects from SHAs to monitor progress towards universal coverage and practice take-up of incentive payments. This information is collected on a monthly basis and is published once figures have been verified.

The latest practice-based commissioning (PbC) figures show:

  • All PCTs had achieved universal coverage by December 2006
  • Practice uptake is at 96%, up marginally from 96% in February

This data shows progress towards implementing PbC, says the DH. The first figure indicates primary care trust (PCT) progress towards the target to achieve universal coverage. This is PCTs putting in place the arrangements to support PbC. These are providing practices with the budgets, information, incentives and accountability and governance arrangements to take on PbC.

The second figure indicates the number of practices that are starting to engage in PbC. This data shows the number of practices taking up an incentive payment – the nationally negotiated directed enhanced service (DES) or a local alternative. This data is helpful in indicating PCT and practice engagement in PbC, which provides a basis on which to engage clinicians in commissioning decisions, redesign services to better meet patient needs, and make better use of health resources.

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