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Practice-based commissioning improves patient health says survey

9 December 2009

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Practice-based commissioning (PBC) is improving healthcare by bringing decision-making closer to patients and the local community, according to a survey.

An update to the quarterly PBC GP review asks more accurate questions of commissioners themselves rather than a random sample of GP practices.

This better measures the impact of PBC and the level of support trusts give to practice-based commissioners in helping improve the services for local populations.

Data collected since October shows that most believe that efforts to invest in better quality and better value services have improved local health.

Thus 80% say that PBC has had some impact in bringing care closer to home, and 77% said their efforts have improved the patient experience to some degree.

Says Health Minister Mike O’Brien (pictured): “These results show that an ever-growing number of practices are continuously reviewing the needs of their patients and investing in better quality, better value, and better-designed health services.”

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