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Poor Management leads to poor quality

5 January 2015

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Research has found that poor management skills within the UK can have a significant impact upon long-standing productivity weakness.

A report, Are UK Organisations getting better at managing their people, released by the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) showed that UK attitudes towards management are a contributing factor to decreased productivity.

The report finds that in key industries – including the healthcare sector – more should be done to enhance management practice with managers being encouraged to spend more time with staff and placing emphasis on coaching and career development.

Currently in the UK led than 5% of a manager’s time will be spent in formal or informal discussions regarding the work place. Half of staff feel dissatisfied with the amount of time spent with managers and others noting that the management processes were not always applied consistently leading to distrusting attitudes towards business leaders.

Mark Beatson, chief economist for the CIPD, said “Our research shows that anywhere between 30 and 45 per cent of employees have some type of managerial responsibility, so small improvements in the performance of each manager can make a big difference.

“There are small steps that businesses can take to address this, by putting high-performance policies and practices in place and by ensuring that individuals get the training they need to be effective managers,” he explained