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Poll shows wide variation in salaried GP rates

10 February 2012

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A salaried GP’s average hourly rate rose by 5% last year, according to a nationwide poll.

The annual Staff Salary Index shows the average hourly rate for salaried GPs rose to £45 in 2011.

However, the figure still falls short of the peak-rates of £47.74 recorded in 2009.

The survey also shows the wide variation in pay for salaried GPs, with some being paid £32 an hour and others being paid more than double at £70.

“One of the primary concerns of practice managers is ensuring they get salary levels and terms and conditions right for their team,” said Steve Morris, General Manager at information portal First Practice Management (FPM) – who carried out the survey.

“The Staff Salary Index helps practice managers to advise partners on market rates and also provides a benchmark from which to work in advance of the April 2012 pay round.”

The hourly rates offered to assistant practice mangers also showed marked variation.

While the average hourly pay came in at £12.35, response ranged from rates of £8.60 and £20.00 across the country.