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Poll reveals workplace discrimination

14 April 2011

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More than half of Britons feel they have been the victim of discrimination in the workplace, a new survey indicates.

HR specialists carried out a survey of almost 2,000 employed people, and found that three-quarters of those who felt they had been discriminated against were women.

Of those polled, 53% said they had suffered discrimination while at work, with gender (68%) the main reason respondents felt discriminated against. Following gender was weight, with 57% admitting to having felt discriminated against due to their size.

Almost a third (31%) said they thought they had suffered discrimination by their current or previous employer due to their race. According to the study, 13% of the respondents had left a previous role due to feeling discriminated against by their employer or fellow employees.

Kirsty Burgess, co-managing director of, said: “You don’t have to make a formal complaint, many of these cases can be easily resolved informally, but it is worth remembering that if your employer does not know that you are unhappy they can’t help to resolve the problems”

The top 10 reasons why respondents had previously felt discriminated against at work were:

  • 1.    Gender – 68%. 
  • 2.    Weight – 57%
  • 3.    Race – 31%
  • 4.    Marital status – 29%
  • 5.    Political views – 27%
  • 6.    Salary – 25%
  • 7.    Sexuality – 22%
  • 8.    Academic qualifications – 19%
  • 9.    Where they live – 19%
  • 10.   Dress sense – 11%

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