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Play4Life children’s activity centres open across UK

8 September 2009

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A network of children’s indoor activity centres is being launched to encourage them to take more exercise.

The 74 government-backed Play4Life centre’s are linked to the Play Providers Association (PPA). During an average visit, children get twice the amount of exercise they normally would.

Says spokeswoman Janice Dunphy: “Indoor play is a great way for children to let off steam and the beauty is that the British weather cannot spoil it.

“Because the children are having fun they don’t even realise what they’re doing is helping them stay healthy.

“Parents can also relax knowing that children are safe, particularly in our PPA member centres where they follow a code of conduct and undertake regular safety inspections.”

The scheme will provide £1.9m-worth of free indoor play, and is part of the Change4Life campaign to teach people how to live longer and better through exercise and healthy eating.

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