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Physios warn businesses about employee pressure

12 October 2010

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Physiotherapists have warned that the additional pressure of the government’s spending cuts could make people risk their health for work.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) questioned 2,600 employees and found that 25% of them worry about being sacked if they take time off sick. Half of those involved in the survey also feel their bosses prioritise work over their personal health.

A separate investigation of 500 managers also revealed that a third of them believe people who call in sick with problems such as back pain are well enough to work.

The CSP said it is worried that this kind of mentality could be preventing workers from seeking help for preventable health complaints.

Phil Gray, Chief Executive of the CSP, explained that even though it is a difficult time for businesses, they should not cut back on health initiatives because that creates a “false economy”.

He said: “Ignoring a recurring condition can potentially lead to lower productivity and high temporary staffing costs.

“We are calling on employers to follow the lead of companies highlighted in the report who invest in the health of their staff.”

The society said next week’s comprehensive spending review could heighten fears of redundancy, which could lead to extra stress levels, placing extra pressure on the NHS.

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