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Peer Practice is here!

26 June 2007

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A new section of this website, which will enable readers to seek advice from fellow practice managers, will be available soon.

Peer Practice” will enable registered users to send in any queries on any aspect of their job they wish – which other managers can then respond to online.

One practice manager has already written to, saying she has a problem with her local primary care trust (PCT), regarding healthcare assistants (HCAs) administering prefilled flu vaccinations.

The practice manager has told us: “I have a brilliant HCA, who has level 3 NVQ in care and is willing to complete another module which will train her to give injections. Our GPs and practice nurse are all for this. I have developed protocols and approached our medical defence organisation, which is also in agreement.
“Our PCT is talking about the GPs having to give individual ‘specific directions’ for the HCA to administer the flu vaccination for each and every patient. I cannot see why they seem to be obstructing us improving the services we offer to our patients.

“I would be grateful to know if any viewers have HCAs currently performing this role and, if so, how they got around this problem.”

If you are able to offer advice, or would like to share your own experiences of this problem, please enter your comment in the box below or email us at: [email protected]