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PbC “flying squad” to support frontline commissioners

13 June 2007

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A new partnership has been launched to offer practical guidance and support to frontline staff involved in practice-based commissioning (PbC).

The PBC Federation, a new partnership between the NHS Alliance and AstraZeneca, supports frontline commissioners, and is developing rapidly with the leadership of Dr David Jenner and now Julie Wood, Director for NHS Alliance PBC Federation and Chief Executives’ Transformation Network (CETNet).

Thanks to the collaboration with AstraZeneca, plans are being developed to provide a PbC “flying squad” that will offer practical and focused support to frontline commissioners in those areas where special attention is needed. This will be based on work now being carried out across the country to support both practice-based commissioners and primary care trusts, in order to determine what they need to commission care effectively through PbC and create a match between existing resources and demand.

In addition, a new report will be published in late summer that describes the environment and the key elements needed to truly achieve transformational change through PbC. A best-practice DVD on PbC, Practical Solutions, will also be published shortly. And in early 2008, a new edition of Nuts and Bolts of Practice Based Commissioning will be developed from all these initial pieces of work.

NHS Alliance PbC lead, Dr David Jenner, said: “It is by working in partnership that we can achieve so much. We are very grateful for AstraZeneca’s support and its faith in PbC.”

Lisa Nelson, Customer Relationship Development Leader, AstraZeneca, said: “We are very pleased to have developed such a good working relationship with NHS Alliance and look forward to continuing that work into 2008.”