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Measles outbreak over in Wales

4 July 2013

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After eight months, the measles outbreak centred on Swansea in Wales has been declared over. 

There have been no confirmed cases of measles linked to the area since 22 May, according to Public Health Wales. 

Efforts to bring the outbreak to an end have seen 75,868 uncheduled MMR vaccinations. 

Dr Marion Lyons, director of Health Protection for Public Health Wales, said: “With no confirmed measles cases in the outbreak area since the end of May, we are able to say that the outbreak is over.  

“This is in no small part due to the unprecedented efforts to give tens of thousands of catch-up vaccinations to those who had missed out at an earlier stage and we are grateful to all of those health professionals who worked so hard to achieve this.” 

But Public Health Wales revealed concerns that there are still 30,000 unvaccinated children aged between 10-18 in Wales, meaning there is a possibility of further outbreaks in the future. 

Welsh Health Minister, Mark Drakeford, said: “We still have work to do. 

“The young people in the 10 to 18 age group who still have not been vaccinated should make the necessary arrangements at their earliest convenience. We would not want to see another outbreak.”