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Parliament to debate seven-day working contracts, conditions and Jeremy Hunt

9 September 2015

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The debate on the vote of no confidence in Jeremy Hunt will take place on Monday 14 September at 4.30pm, parliament has revealed, in the House of Commons.

The online petition which called for this debate has currently got 219,694 signatures, and is titled To debate a vote of no confidence in Health Secretary the Right Hon Jeremy Hunt.

However, a spokesperson from the House of Commons has told Management in Practice that the debate will not focus on Jeremy Hunt, who may or may not be present, and instead will mainly focus on contracts for seven-day working, which the petition deems “harsh”, as well as conditions of working for NHS staff. The description of the petition reads: “Jeremy Hunt has alienated the entire workforce of the NHS by threatening to impose a harsh contract and conditions on first consultants and soon the rest of the NHS staff.”

Helen Jones , the chair of the committee and a Labour MP, will first read the motion, make her statement (which could be her personal opinion) and then the MPs from different political parties can respond.

There will not actually be a vote, instead it will be purely a debate, and it is expected to take the full three hours available, the spokesperson said.