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Online ratings service launched ahead of GP rollout

11 August 2009

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The precursor to the new online service that allows the public to rate and compare GP practices on issues such as patient care, cleanliness and waiting times has been launched.

The facility, which will be on, will work in a similar way to internet comparison websites, and means patients will be able to compare a range of surgeries and their ratings in one place, allowing them to make an informed choice.

Patients will be encouraged to leave feedback from their experiences with GP surgeries on the NHS website, and there should also be responses from staff at the surgeries in a bid to drive up standards.

A similar system that allows hospital patients to rate their treatment has been launched and should help to make sure the GP surgery version is a success when it goes live.

Users will also be able to read patient reviews on staff performance, how involved patients felt in decisions around their treatment and if they would recommend the surgery to friends and family.

Health Secretary Andy Burnham, who unveiled the service, said: “The service also offers an unparalleled opportunity for managers to be made aware of any issues and act to improve their services, helping to drive up standards across the board, and become more patient focused.”

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