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One in three bullied in the workplace, says poll

16 November 2012

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A third of people have been bullied in the workplace, a poll commissioned by ITV’s Daybreak has found.

The survey found many employees feel they do not have the support of their managers and as such keep quiet about any bullying that may go on.

More than one in four (43%) of those bullied do nothing about it and one in 10 are forced to leave their job.

“Bullying is just one issue that results from poor employee engagement, ultimately effective and meaningful employee engagement is crucial in improving workplace relations,” said Jan Parkinson, chief executive of the newly launched Employee Relation Institute, on Daybreak.

”Organisations with engaged employees not only experience less bullying, but also find there is higher productivity and better staff retention. The key is better training and awareness at all levels of the organisation.”

The One Poll survey also showed 40% of respondents felt “unsupported” by their line manager.

In light of the findings, Parkinson added that the importance of effective management capability and employee engagement “must be highlighted and improved”.

The Employee Relations Institute was earlier launched this week to promote and improve employee and workplace relations in the UK.