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Older workers feel ‘overlooked’

26 February 2014

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New research shows that people working in Britain start to feel invisible from the age of 54. 

Many people over the age of 50 start to feel their career progression slow due to higher risk of redundancy and being less likely to be approached for new opportunities, findings commissioned by Slater & Gordon Lawyers found. 

Workers as young as 40 reported their career was “stalling” because of their age. 

Half of people surveyed said they were more likely to be overlooked when it came to promotions, and a quarter (23%) said they have “hit a brick wall” in career progression. 

Edward Cooper, head of Employment Law at Slater & Gordon said, “This is a growing problem that we are encountering more and more. Often people are fully intending to work well into their sixties and maybe even their seventies, but find that once they get past forty their options may be more limited than they previously were.”