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Official vaccine protocols released

10 April 2014

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Protocols for ordering, storing and handling vaccines have been released by Public Health England (PHE). 

The document, which applies to all staff involved in immunisation, aims to ensure that all vaccines are managed properly so that immunisations can be carried out safely and efficiently. 

PHE hopes it will reduce the risk of compromising the quality, efficiency and safety of the vaccine programme and improve. the service for patients. 

The document states that at least two named, trained people need to be responsible for ordering, receipt and care of vaccines (one from the nursing team and one from management).

However, all members of the primary care team should be aware of the importance of good vaccine management.

Vaccines cost the NHS around £200 million a year. PHE claims that the loss of only one dose of Pediacel vaccine a month in each general practice would cost an estimated £4 million a year. 

The document outlines standards for fridges, cool boxes, stock management, temperature management and maintenance. 

The full list of protocols is available on the PHE website