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Official NHS complaints figures released

29 August 2013

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More than 3,000 written complaints were submitted about NHS organisations in England during 2013/13. 

New data released by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) showed that the greatest number of written complains were for medical staff, which made up 52% (27,700) of the complaints for family health services, including general practice and dentists. 

The next highest number of complaints was for GP administration, including reception and admin staff within a practice (26%) and dental (12%). 

The largest number of complaints was for ‘clinical’ issues (35%) followed by communications/attitude (20%). 

However, as a large number of primary care trusts did not submit data for at least one practice, HSCIC claims the information cannot be compared to previous years. 

The data has been published annually sine 1997. The full report is available to view on the HSCIC website