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Offices ‘should ban’ social sites

28 July 2011

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Social networking sites should be banned from the office, according to more than two-thirds of workers in the UK.

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln are used by just one in three employees at work, the poll of 4,245 workers by shows.

But social networking sites are essential tools in some professions, with around 50% of those in PR and marketing using them on a daily basis.

However, just a quarter of finance workers log on to networking sites daily.

And around one in four business has instructed its staff not to use these sites at all during office hours.

A total of 40% permit staff to use the sites in the office and 35% give their workers full access, but they are almost always exclusively used for business reasons.

Martin Warnes, Managing Director of, said: “Used in the right way, social networks offer a powerful platform for engaging with new customers, strengthening client relationships and gathering information.”

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“This would come under unauthorised use of computers which is explicitly banned in our handbook. If people want to use them they do it on their own time not work time” – Name and address withheld