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Northern Ireland’s GPs providing UK’s best care

22 September 2008

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Northern Ireland’s GPs have topped the polls another year running in the provision of quality care for their patients.  Figures released by the DHSSPS show that local GPs are providing the best care in the UK.

Commenting on announcement, Dr Brian Dunn, Chairman of the BMA’s GPs Committee in Northern Ireland, said: “I am delighted and proud to see these results because they not only reflect the great service being given to patients here but also the dedication and commitment of GPs in providing that service.

“Patients receive the same quality care right across Northern Ireland. Irrespective of where you live, the Quality and Outcomes Framework applies and patients rightly receive the same access to treatment whether they reside in a deprived area or a more prosperous one.”

The patient experience is based on surveys carried out throughout the year. Northern Ireland figures this year show a 100% patient satisfaction rating.

Dr Dunn continued:  “GPs are working hard in targeting the diseases that kill and which previously were only treated in the hospital sector. Heart disease, cancer, kidney disease. They also treat a huge range of other illnesses including asthma, diabetes, stroke, depression and dementia.   

“Northern Ireland unfortunately has a very high rate of heart disease but working as we are now we hope to see a reduction in this particular killer in future years.

“It is also very pleasing and encouraging to see that our patients value their local general practice so highly. In the past the majority of patients would have had to travel often long distances to a hospital setting for the treatment they now receive in general practice. This is of particular importance to older patients and those who are chronically ill. It means they don’t have the stress of a journey added to their problems and are more confident with the continuity of care which is unique to general practice.”