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Northern Ireland politicians invited to their local GP surgeries

29 October 2009

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Politicians in Northern Ireland were invited to visit a GP surgery in their constituency yesterday (Wednesday 28 October), in order to have the opportunity to learn firsthand about the unique contribution general practice makes to delivering patient care.

Dr Brian Dunn (pictured), chairman of the British Medical Association’s (BMA) Northern Ireland GPs’ Committee, said: “General practice is evolving, as family doctors and their teams are involved in preventative care, provide more specialist care in their practices and provide a wider range of services than was ever offered before.

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“During the visits, our elected representatives will be able to meet with GPs, practice managers, nursing and clerical staff and patients to see the positive contributions made by primary care staff in the provision of local health and social services.”

Dr Dunn concluded: “General practice is facing unprecedented pressure, and we hope these visits will provide an understanding of how general practice works”.


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