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North gains extra healthcare provider

25 July 2007

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The Department of Health has today announced that Cumbria and Lancashire are to gain an extra healthcare provider.

The government is working on creating a partnership with independent provider, Capio, which will deliver 11,000 NHS local procedures a year.

MP Ben Bradshaw said: “This new partnership will be good news for patients in Cumbria and Lancashire. Patients will begin to benefit from additional high quality services, with the assurance that treatment will remain free at the point of use.”

He adds that this move brings the government a step closer to delivering their commitment on delivering an 18-week treatment to referral pathway.

The services will provide patients better access to services and minimize how far they need to travel to gain treatment.

Mr Bradshaw adds: “We are committed to bringing in independent sector providers into the NHS where they meet a need for capacity, meet the local needs of patients and where they offer value for money.”

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