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NICE extends dementia QOF indicators

8 January 2013

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NICE has launched a new consultation on 14 potential new indicators under the Quality and Quality Framework (QOF) 2014/15, including four in the dementia domain.

As well as dementia, targets for hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, stroke and TIA are being placed under review.

The consultation is open for a four-week period from Monday 7th January and will close at 5.00pm on Monday 4th February 2013.
Under the dementia indicators, GPs could receive points on the percentage of dementia patients with the contact details of named carers on their records and on the completion of a register of those patients who are dementia carers.
GPs will also be paid for providing assessments of dementia carers’ health and support needs and conducting memory assessment services within the first year after the initial diagnosis of dementia.

The consultation also sees the introduction of a new type of QOF indicator, called a ‘tightly linked measure’ for diabetes.