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NHS staff 1% pay increase

19 September 2013

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NHS staff in England have experienced a 1% increase in take home pay since last year. 

The increase brings the average annual pay packet to £29,543, a rise of 8.6% since four years ago, according to Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) figures. 

Senior managers saw the largest pay increase since last year, but health visitors saw a slight decrease, according to today’s report. 

Qualified nurses earned £30,619 on average, just a 0.6% increase on 2012. However, the salary represents a 7.5% increase since 2009. 

However, pay figures for general practice are not included in the report. 

Clinical support staff earned £19,262, a 0.9 per cent increase on 2012 and a 10.1 per cent increase on 2009.

An HSCIC statement said: “The data, which is published every quarter, covers the period from April 2008 through to 30 June 2013. We’ve taken pay data from all NHS organisations using the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) during the period. 

“The methodology used to produce these estimates is available in the bulletin above. We have also published the response to the public consultation that closed on 29 June 2012.”

The full report is available to view on the HSCIC website